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Teksta have launched their new range of robotic pets including a T-Rex, Dalmatian Puppy, and Kitty the Kitten, shown here with robotic mouse. Given the success of the Teksta puppies in Christmas 2013 you can be sure these will be just as engaging and popular. Buy now why stocks last, as they say.

Teksta Kitty the KittenKitty the robotic kitten, with robotic rodent 'friend'

Teksta Robot Pets

Sony's Aibo started it all off, but it was expensive and a TV or YouTube novelty for most of us. Then Teksta launched their Robotic Pet range, starting with the Pink and Blue Puppies that caused such a stir in Christmas 2013.

These were real robotic pets you could get for under 50 quid (if you were quick). While they didn't quite offer tech on the same level as Aibo, most kids didn't care - they were cute, engaging and fun. They responded to your child's voice, physical gestures, lights and sounds and behaved in a reasonably realistic manner. And they were a massive hit.

Unsurprisingly Teksta noticed they had a good thing going, and have extended the range for 2014 with three new pets - a T-Rex robotic dinosaur, a kitten called Kitty, and a Dalmatian puppy.

Teksta Dalmatian puppy

Teksta Robotic Dalmatian PuppyOnly 100 more to get and you can make a home movie

Let's get this out of the way first. It's basically the same as the previous puppy models, just with a spotted coat. He or she flips, interacts with his ball and bone and recognises some hand gestures and voice commands.

Teksta Robotic T-Rex

Teksta Robotic T-RexIt chews bones, it roars, it waddles - the Teksta Robotic T-Rex

The T-Rex is a different bag of spanners completely. It balances on two legs for a start, which from a product design perspective makes it a more compelling proposition, and clearly Teksta have had to compromise a little in this respect.

It's got a distinct wobble as it moves, but this tends to make kids laugh as much as anything, which is no bad things. And it's a dinosaur, as popular as ever with kids, and it roars.

It's got tricks - for instance it comes with a bone accessory that can be split into 2 pieces. If you feed the whole bone to the T-Rex it will snap it into pieces and then fling it out of its mouth. Very dramatic and prehistoric. He can also sniff and nod at the bone, and hand gestures can make him walk back and forth. He also has the ability to tilt his head, like, err, a puppy.

Teksta Kitty

Teksta KittyTeksta Kitty being remotely controlled with the Teksta app

Not big on subtlety in the naming department, Teksta Kitty is a robotic kitten, the obvious follow-up to the puppies of last year. She's much like the puppy too, except just as in real life she's more fun and has better weapons.

She pounces instead of flips, which means there's more scope for mortal danger for other toys in her vicinity. Sadly her powers don't include hunting the little robotic mouse that comes with her - instead this can be attached under her chin for some reason. The mouse is also interactive, with two buttons on top that can start different motions on the Kitty. The Kitty can also purr, meow, move her ears and curl her tail up and down.​

We prefer it to the puppy, and think kids will enjoy it more because according to our poll of 1,000 children cats are cooler than dogs.

Remote control app

With all these robotic pets there's an iPad app available to allow them to controlled remotely, adding to the fun.

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