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They say clothes maketh the man (or woman, or boy, or girl) so what does the committed toy-lover need to wear to convey what they're made of?

T-shirts are the answer! We all have them, most of us love them - they're comfy, relatively inexpensive, and versatile - and they have the huge bonus of being a blank canvas onto which we can project our personalities. Or at least someone else's interpretation of some thing that we identify with. But enough of the philosophy of special interest t-shirts, and on with the cool stuff!

These Ts are just the thing for those of us obsessed with toys - buy as a great gift, or to spoil yourself - we think you're worth it.

Top 10 Toy T-shirts

Ascent of LEGO man t-shirt

1. Evolution of LEGO man T-shirt

About £8.99 / LEGO

Inevitably LEGO features several times in our top ten, and at number 1 is the classic ascent of LEGO man, a parody of the March of Progress illustration created by Rudolph Zallinger.

The perfect T for any LEGO fan, it represents the inevitable rise of LEGO above all other toy forms.

Keep Calm and Build Model Railways

2. Keep Calm and Build Model Railways T-shirt

About £9.45 / Trains and railways

It's a tired meme by any measure, but the variations on the British government's Keep Calm and Carry On morale-boosting World War 2 poster just keep coming. We're including this one because it actually makes sense - there's little more calming (or sleep-inducing to some) than messing about with model railways, whatever the age of the enthusiast.

Only to be worn when not playing with toy trains (because you'll be wearing your train driver dungarees and cap) this t-shirt is the ideal gift for train lovers of any age.

Retro Robots T-shirt

3. Retro Wind-up Robots T-Shirt

About £9.99 / Robots

There's something about robots that just grabs some people. For some it starts the first time they see Robby the Robot in Forbidden Planet, for others (most of us married) it's the thought of owning a humanoid that actually does everything you ask it to, and never asks back. Regardless, we love the retro wind-up robots featured on this kid's t-shirt.

Sadly they don't seem to make robot toys like this any more, they're all battery powered and have special powers like jumping and talking. <sigh>

Subbuteo Teenage Flicks T-shirt

4. Subbuteo Teenage Flicks T-shirt

About £11.95 / Football

One for the adults at number 4. If you're of a certain age you'll have rose-tinted memories of trying to keep the green baize pitch from rucking up, heads and legs breaking, and frantically swiping your goalkeeper from side-to-side to prevent your opponent from scoring. It's Subbuteo of course, the classic flick-to-kick table top football game.

This Teenage Flicks Subbuteo t-shirt is a great gift for those in their 30s, 40s and 50s who were taken in by the romance of the beautiful game on the dining room table. Also suitable for the new generation being introduced to the game following it's revival.

Scalextric Controller T-Shirt

5. Scalextric Controller T-Shirt

About £12.99 / Racing cars

Almost every family has a petrol-head, and unless they're lucky enough to have access to the real thing, Scalextric is often the proxy introduction to the world of oily rags, rasping exhausts and speed. Scalextric was first produced in the 1950s and this Scalextrix Controller t-shirt features a controller from the 1960s and the original Scalextric type face.

An ideal gift for racing fans, once it's worn out it converts into a useful workshop rag.

Scrabble Master T-Shirt

6. Scrabble Master T-Shirt

About £11.99 / Word games

Us mere mortals will look at this Scrabble t-shirt and admire the clever use of Scrabble tiles to spell out the phrase 'Scrabble Master'. Scrabble Masters on the other hand will despair - "Scrabble" isn't a dictionary word for starters, and without more context, knowing where on the board those tiles are placed and what other tiles the players had in their hands, there's every chance they could have scored many more points.

But that's for them to worry about. It's a great gift for that hard-to-buy-for wordsmith in your life.

Eat Sleep Mine Minecraft T-Shirt

7. Eat Sleep Mine Minecraft T-Shirt

About £5.99 / Minecraft

It's taken the playground by storm, and most adults don't understand it - that's why Mojang's Minecraft has been an absolutely massive success. Fortunately you don't need to understand it to appreciate what this t-shirt will do for you and your kids - they will think it's uber-cool, and while they won't think you're uber-cool, giving them the Eat, Sleep, Mine t-shirt will introduce a seed of doubt in their minds.

This only comes in kid's sizes, and quite right too!

Monopoly Escher T-Shirt

8. Monopoly Escher T-Shirt

About £12.99 / Board games

The age old conundrum - for such a dull game how has Monopoly been so popular and enduring? Now that's our opinion, and we know there are many of you who would disagree, so you'll appreciate this t-shirt for the Monopoly aspect. We appreciate the Monopoly Escher t-shirt for the combination of the boring board game with the genius design concepts of M.C.Escher, the illustrious graphic designer.

It's so good we'd wear it, even with the Monopoly connection. If you have a Monopoly fiend in your life they will just love it.

LEGO Movie Benny Spaceships T-Shirt

9. LEGO Movie Benny Spaceships T-Shirt

About £9.80 / LEGO Movie

Hands up, who doesn't love the LEGO Movie? Thought so. And who doesn't love Benny the frustrated spaceship master builder, and his unforgettable excitement when he finally gets to do the build. It's a scene recreated in the LEGO set 70816, Benny's spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP!

This is definitely one for the kids, but only because there are no adult sizes. :-(   A great gift for young LEGO Movie fans.

Nerf T-Shirt

10. Nerf T-Shirt

About £14.99 / Nerf

Big, bold and brash - that's Nerf, and that's this Nerf t-shirt too. Nerf dominates the target-shooting toy market (code for toy gun market) and with good reason - they consistently produce robust, fun toys, that are safe to play with and allow kids and adults to indulge in play gun fights. Let's face it, they're going to do it anyway, so why not do it in style?!

This Nerf t-shirt is not ideal for combat - it's a bit too bright and brash for that - but it's ideal for Nerf fans, proclaiming appreciation of the standard in orange plastic guns.