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Like a Furby crossed with a Gremlin, Xeno is an interactive baby monster that can exhibit more than 10 emotions and has 40 eye expressions and 80 distinct sounds. It dances, reacts to its enivronment and touch sensors. It is pretty cute and will be a massive hit with youngsters - check out the videos.

Xeno Interactive Baby MonsterXeno - more expressive than Keanu Reeves

Xeno Interactive Baby Monster

You can chart Xeno's heritage with ease - it's essentially a next generation Furby, with a little more edge and character. If your kids might find Furby a little too sweet to be wholesome then Xeno might be for them - this cute but gross interactive baby monster majors on boogers, burping and farting, as well as dancing in a monster stylee.

Xeno coloursXeno is available in 3 colours: Burnt Orange, Ultra Violet & Pacific Blue

Xeno has, apparently, more than 10 emotions it can express, including happy, sad, playful and hungry. We're not sure hunger is an emotion, but then we're not marketing men - perhaps more accurate to say Xeno has more than 10 states that influence how it reacts to children and other Xenos.

With its graphic LCD eyes, Xeno can present fairly decent expressions, making the level of engagement with younger children much greater. It's also very tactile, with 8 touch sensors that respond to tickling, prodding and patting.

Xeno earsXeno has *really* stretchy lugs

Xeno is also a music lover and will dance to most music played in his vicinity - his microphone is situated in his nose, so if he isn't dancing get the speaker closer to his hooter!


Children can play a small number of mini-games with Xeno, most based on rhythm of interaction with the touch sensors, like Beat-a-Burp, and Catcha-Catcha where Xeno opens his mouth and you have to put your finger in before he closes it.

Xeno app

As with most electronic toys these days there's a dedicated Xeno app which will allow you to control the toy with your tablet, and play Xeno-themed games.

Xeno appThe Xeno app is available on iPad and Android devices

Xeno is clearly a worthy alternative to Furby, although the price tag is higher. RRP is £79.99 and you can expect to pay around £74.99 if you're quick.


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