2013 LEGO City Advent Calendar


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2013 LEGO City Advent Calendar24 days of LEGO City fun

It's that time of year again, and somehow I got the LEGO City Advent Calendar to review, while Mark got the Star Wars variant.

Whose loss? We'll see over the next 24 days - yes, you can look forward (!) to a daily LEGO City Advent Calendar post in which I'll reveal what was behind the day's flimsy door and share the magic of LEGO.

2013 LEGO City Advent Calendar

When I was a kid we had advent calendars, at best distant ancestors of the advent calendars of today. They had 24 wee doors, and were predominantly made of cheap cardboard, and there the similarities end. We got cheap confection that for legal reasons couldn't today be described as chocolate.

Now we get LEGO mini-figures and mini-models - who says modern life is rubbish?!

The LEGO advent calendars are generally pretty cool, despite some discontents panning the occasional day's surprise, and they are also excellent value if you time your purchase right - I got my City calendar for £13.33  delivered from Amazon this year.

From 1st December I'll be posting daily what's behind that day's door, and MC will be doing the same with the Star Wars LEGO advent calendar.

If you want to play along then buy a copy - we can help you get your City calendar at the best price - register for ToyCo and join in the discussion. It's just for fun and we'll be giving away some cool LEGO spot prizes too.

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