LEGO City Advent Calendar 2013 Day 2


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Day 2Day Two

Officer Two Mugs is hoping for some (female) company, I have a feeling he may be disappointed.

LEGO City Advent Calendar 2013 Day 2

Day 2 bricksCan you guess what it is yet?

It's a pile of bricks with a flame. Not quite what Officer Two Mugs wanted to keep his bones warm, but it'll do for now.

FireplaceLiving flame

Sweet, a nice fire place, expertly photographed with a warm hue (or maybe I forgot to set the white balance). There's not much more Christmassy than an open fire, except maybe Father Christmas, snowmen, bells, holly, Yule logs, angels...

Officer Two MugsRed pill or blue pill?

"It's a bit sparse, but at least I'm warm if lonely. Ah, here comes company now, what's Laurence Fishbone doing here?"

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