LEGO City Advent Calendar 2013 Day 3


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Day 3 of the LEGO City Advent CalendarDay Three

And Officer Two Mugs finally gets some company.

LEGO City Advent Calendar 2013 Day 3

LEGO LabradorThe LEGO Labrador, Stud

No mystery about today's model - a dog (labrador?) with a bowl and two bones - except perhaps the odd appendage in the middle of its back.

Officer Two Mugs and StudOfficer Two Mugs and his loyal hound

Officer Two Mugs is delighted to have the company, and in the absence of a name tag and the presence of a LEGO fixing on its back, he names his new found friend 'Stud'. And assuming that stud is there for a reason, Stud makes a convenient and attractive coffee table. What a lovely scene. Everyone's a winner.

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