LEGO City Advent Calendar 2013 Day 4


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Day 4Day Four

And it's all gone a bit sinister…

LEGO City Advent Calendar 2013 Day 4

Day 4 doorAh, a snowman!

At first glance, an innocent and simple snowman. Once you've had a chance to look more closely, things don't seem quite so simple - no face, that oversized carrot being wielded in a club-like fashion rather than deployed as a nose - this is straight out of Stephen King's It.

Day 4 bricksSnowfiend bricks

The bricks don't make me any less bothered. Three neckerchiefs - one to wear, one to strangle, one to wash - and a spare carrot bludgeon.

Snow fiendThe Snowfiend

Let's face it, the choice of red for the neckerchief is no accident.

Day 4 sceneApproaching menace

Office Two Mugs seems blissfully unaware of the approaching snow fiend, at least he'll go happy, enjoying a quiet moment with his faithful friend Stud.

Run away!Behind you!

If only he could hear me scream.

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