The LEGO Tardis

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LEGO TardisThe LEGO Tardis

This is a 1/3 scale Tardis built from LEGO bricks by artist Shelly Timson. It features 4,350 dark blue bricks, and is based on the Tardis from the David Tennant 10th Doctor series, specifically the episode 'The Runaway Bride'.

You'll have to be in Oz to see it in person, but fortunately there are some fine photos on Flickr, some of which we reproduce here.

The LEGO Tardis

Since we're never likely to see an official LEGO Doctor Who range due to rights issues, this represents and unusual opportunity to see brick used for a Doctor-themed build.

LEGO TardisTardis detail
Entire LEGO Tardis modelThe full LEGO Tardis model

The TARDIS is on public display at the Studio in Fairfield, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria in Australia, along with other LEGO builds.