Pie Face Game Review


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Pie Face - it's basically family-friendly Russian Roulette. Squirt some cream on the pad or use a wet sponge, and spin those chambers. Instead of losing your head you'll get a gentle pie to the face - it's an absolute hoot to play with kids aged 3-10 years, and quite a lot of fun with adults too.

Pie Face Game Review

So, this Pie Face Game. We were all ready to be po-faced about it, but it turns out to be worth far more than the pennies of plastic it's made from, by those clever chaps at Rocket Games.

The premise is simple - there's a cream pie (or a wet sponge if you want to play the 'safe' version), and someone is going to get it right in the middle of their face. Doesn't matter who it is, or when it happens, it's always hilarious!

Pie Face Game contentsThere's not much in the box, but it's worth the entry price

When it's your turn you spin the wheel, which tells you how many times you have to crank the handle. The more turns you give the handle, the more chance it's going to spring the mechanism and launch the pie into your face.

The fun in Pie Face comes from the tension when the pie hasn't been triggered for a while. You know it's coming. Everyone who spins prays for a low number, a 2 gets a sign of relief, a 5 groans of disappointment and glee from all the other players. Do you turn the handle quickly or slowly? Does it even make any difference. And then, BLAM! A face full of cream, relief and hysteria from all the other players, minutes of belly laughter, and then we go again.

In case you've been under a rock, this is the video of a grandad and his grandson playing Pie Face that went viral and made it as popular as it is. In our experience this is pretty much the level of fun the game's going to give  you!

It may not look good value when you see what's in the box, but played at the right time with the right mix of ages and Pie Face is an absolute winner.

Pie Face is going to be massive for Christmas 2015, already selling out in minutes. Use our price alert service on the Pie Face page to get notified as soon as it's in stock at or close to RRP.

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