The Nerf Demolisher


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It fires ammo up to 70 feet, has a missile launcher and is a semi-automatic Nerf blaster - the Demolisher lives up to high expectations, and if you're careful is available for less than the slightly unpalatable RRP.

Nerf Demolisher blueprintA serious piece of kit, missile launcher included

The Nerf Demolisher

There are those who think Nerf is just for kids, but what do they know, eh?! While youngsters definitely enjoy a good blaster session, it takes a grown man with a grown man's imagination to truly appreciate the heft of an orange plastic gun, and what an awesome piece of kit the Nerf Demolisher is.

It's been a long time coming, and as ever with new Nerf releases there's a sense that it's just going to be a re-jig of existing lines - after all, what innovations are there left in the foam blaster world?

In the box

When you open the typically opulent Nerf Demolisher box you'll find the Demolisher 2-in-1 blaster itself, its detachable shoulder stock, 2 Elite Missiles, 10 Elite Darts, and the instructions.

Sadly missing are the 4 AA batteries required to power the Demolisher's flywheel, which is kind of important unless you were planning on using it as a bludgeon - and if you were there are far more effective and cost-effective options open to you. :-)


The 2-in-1 part of the Demolisher refers to its ability to fire both foam rounds through the flywheel barrel and foam rockets through the rocket launcher. The Demolisher's standard dart firing is functionally the same as the Nerf Stryfe and Rayven. For added power there's an acceleration trigger which spins up the flywheel, with the trigger then firing normally. 

Blaster Labs tester geezerSerious testing at Blaster Labs

The missile mechanism is a single air chamber that fires the chambered missile as you pull the grip back towards the blaster. The missile launcher is a fun addition, although in practice it's of limited tactical value. Accurate missile range is about 40 feet.

The ten dart banana magazine is too small for serious combat, and all of the standard larger magazines work well with the Demolisher.


When are Nerf going to release a blaster that isn't dayglo orange? We hate it, and on the Demolisher it's not even consistent, with colour variations between different parts. That's the limit of the issues though, aesthetically the Nerf Demolisher is approaching mil-sim, and with the bottom-mounted missile launcher looks bad-ass, and is nice and solid with the shoulder stock attached.

Nerf Demolisher detailNerf Demolisher detail - look, it's orange

The blaster's main handle is comfortable to grip, with the aforementioned acceleration trigger for the flywheel mounted immediately below the main firing trigger, and across from the conveniently located clip release. The top-level tactical rail doubles as iron sights, but is of no use if the detachable shoulder stock is being used to carry extra missile ammo.


This is a great blaster. If you're looking for a gift for a Nerf fan, or for someone who needs a replacement Nerf, or you're a Nerf fanatic - it's a worthwhile purchase. The RRP of £45 is a bit steep, but buy in plenty of time for Christmas and you'll get it for at least 25% below RRP. Check our product listing for the current lowest UK Nerf Demolisher price.

Some images courtesy of Blaster Labs.

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