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LEGO City is a brilliant range from Lego appealing to children of all ages. Based on transportation the range includes mining, trains, harbours, police, fire, space and the airport. There is even a LEGO City Recycling Truck to help get the waste sorted!

Each set has great details and minifigures to really make the sets come to life. Of course because it is LEGO you can change things about to make new vehicles and create new adventures for your LEGO City residents.

A living, breathing LEGO City


If trains are your thing there is the LEGO City Passenger train with its two power cars and coach to speed its passengers to their destination, or the LEGO City Cargo train with its tanker, flatbed wagon, and car carrier. The set also comes with a working crane and three freight workers to help load and unload the train.  There is also LEGO City Train Station and extra track to collect.


If you want adventures further afield perhaps the LEGO City Passenger Plane and LEGO City Airport are for you. The LEGO City Passenger Plane comes with a pilot, passenger and support worker and also includes a tow-truck for positioning the plane. The LEGO City Airport has a terminal building, control tower, baggage cart, an aeroplane, and five minifigures.

And boats!

There is an impressive LEGO City Harbour which comes with a large cargo ship, crane and truck. Use the handy conveyor and 4 minifigures to load and unload the ship’s cargo of grain. Watch out for the unwelcome stowaway (a rat)!

Keeping LEGO City safe

All cities require a police force and the LEGO City is no exception. There are plenty of great adventures to be had with LEGO City Police. They have a fantastic LEGO City Police boat, the LEGO City Police Helicopter - great for monitoring the traffic or tracking fugitives, and the fabulous LEGO City Police Station. The police station comes with 4 police officers, two robbers and a police dog (complete with bowl and bone) and has an evidence room and garages for the prisoner transport van and police car.

LEGO City also has its very own Forest Police force. The forest can make a great hiding place for robbers and their stolen gold and money. The LEGO City Forest Police have their own watchtower and a helicopter for surveying the forest area but beware of the bear!

LEGO City Fire Station is ready to tackle all kinds of emergencies. The set includes a LEGO City Fire engine, and 4 minifigures. They are ready to leave behind their cosy rest area, slide down the pole and into their fire engine at an instant. They have all kinds of equipment to help with the rescue including a long ladder and a jump sheet to rescue anyone from the upstairs. For more tricky rescues there is also the LEGO City Fire ATV, LEGO City Fire Plane and LEGO City Off-road Rescue. The LEGO City Ambulance with its two doctors is on stand-by to care for anyone injured.

LEGO City games

There is also the exciting LEGO City Alarm board game. If you are the robbers you must try to escape with the gold without setting off the alarm. If you are the police you have to try and stop them getting away. It will be an exciting chase through the streets of LEGO City!

The best advent calendar bar none

If you are eagerly waiting to see what Santa will bring you for Christmas from your list of LEGO City toys then perhaps the LEGO City Advent Calendar is for you. Each day there is a LEGO gift to collect to build your collection. A perfect way to count down to Christmas!