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If you are getting started with LEGO then LEGO Creator is the place to begin. These sets have less technical detail than some of the LEGO ranges, which make them great for younger Lego enthusiasts.

Recent new additions to the Creator range present a little more adult interest, with the exceptional modular building sets and the vehicle sets such as the VW Camper and Sopwith Camel. These Expert sets add complexity to the Creator range, which means there's something for almost everyone.

LEGO Creator

Make no mistake, although LEGO Creator sets don't have the same complexity as some of the other ranges such as Technic, they will be the source of many adventures and hours of play. Of course as it's LEGO you can follow the step-by-step instructions to create the model on the box, or you can change things around and make something else.

There is a wide range of sets to choose from creatures to houses to boxes of bricks,  including the LEGO Creator Transport Truck which is a fabulous articulated truck complete with a helicopter. Or there is LEGO Creator 5560 which is the Large Pink Brick Box – which is just that and a great set to get you started with. Of course there’s a blue one too!  There are so many to choose from so here are a few favourites:

Houses and buildings

LEGO Creator House is a great range of houses and buildings including Apple Tree house, Hillside House and the Log cabin. Each has lovely details like the working mailbox at Apple Tree house, doorbell brick with barking dog sounds at Hillside House or the open fire at the Log cabin. Each model rebuilds into others giving you the starting point for even more adventures!

There is also the wonderful LEGO Creator Lighthouse Island set which has a light up brick and a handle so you can turn the mirrors in the Lighthouse. There are binoculars to keep look-out for boats and when you’re done with being a lighthouse keeper the set rebuilds into a boathouse or seaside restaurant.

For a more advanced build, check out the awesome Modular Buildings in the Creator range. These sets are for the connoisseur, providing a scale and level of detail that has to be experienced to be appreciated.


There are also some amazing creatures from LEGO Creator including a T-Rex or if you’re feeling brave, the Ferocious Creatures set. You can build a stunning green crocodile with moveable legs, feet and articulated tail that can move from side to side. It can even open and close its powerful jaws so watch out for your fingers!


If you're into classic vehicles check out some of the more sophisticated Creator sets, such as the VW Camper 10220 and the Sopwith Camel. These are awesome models with incredible detail, aimed at the more mature LEGO enthusiast!