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LEGO FriendsOlivia, Stephanie, Andrea, Emma and Mia

LEGO have long been the masters of construction toys and now they have created these LEGO sets for girls. LEGO Friends are five girls named Mia, Olivia, Emma, Andrea and Stephanie. They live in the fictional town of Heartlake.

LEGO Friends

Each girl is different and has her own personality, likes and ambitions. Take Olivia for example she loves inventing things and would never leave home without her compass. When she grows up she wants to be a scientist or an engineer. Or there’s Mia who loves sports and animals and wants to be a vet when she grows up.  Stephanie loves parties, and Emma loves clothes and accessories. And then there is Andrea who loves music and dancing. You can build up your own Heartlake by collecting the LEGO Friends sets, and there are plenty to choose from including Emma’s Splash Pool, Stephanie’s outdoor bakery or Andrea’s Stage.

This is LEGO for girls and being LEGO you can have loads of fun building the set to plan but you can always change things around a bit to make new and exciting places for these cool girls to hang out. All the bricks are compatible with regular LEGO so, you can always combine it with other LEGO sets.

One of the best LEGO sets for girls is Olivia’s Tree House. The set comes with an Olivia mini-doll figure and features her telescope – handy for practicing navigating by the stars. It also includes the tree house cat, Maxie, ladybirds and butterflies. Like all the best tree houses it also has a folding ladder for those times when you just want your tree house to yourself!

Emma is crazy about fashion and accessories, so if she’s not in her design studio where else would she be but the very elegant beauty salon? The LEGO Friends Butterflies Beauty Shop is fully equipped with chair, hairdryer, mirror, a till and not forgetting the all-important hair elements, lipstick and bows.  The set includes the Emma and Sarah mini-dolls.

After all that pampering at the salon, stargazing and school work there is the LEGO Friends City Park Café, a very cool place for the girls to hang out. Not only does the set have a great kitchen and outdoor dining area but comes with a frying pan and muffin tins. Perfect for whipping up tasty treats for your customers. Mia and Andrea mini-dolls come with the LEGO Friends café set.

Another of these great LEGO sets for girls is Stephanie’s cool convertible. Not only does it come with an MP3 player and sunglasses, but also a tap, bucket and brush. This might be LEGO for girls, but there is no excuse for not washing your car!

Where else would the LEGO Friends hang out but at Olivia’s House? It’s a very cool house with a roof-top patio, a well-stocked kitchen and living room. Perfect for when everyone comes round to meet Olivia’s mum and dad, Anna and Peter.