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LEGO NinjagoLEGO Ninjago

Enter the world of LEGO Ninjago and you enter a world of training, combat, friendship and adventure.  The human heroes in Ninjago are learning the art of Spinjitzu to defeat some pretty intimidating enemies. But as with all martial arts this takes dedication and training. 

LEGO Ninjago

First, there was the Skeleton Army and now there is the Serpentine, with five deadly tribes, the Hypnobrai, the Fangpyre, the Anacondrai, the Constrictai, and the Venomari. Each has its own particularly nasty form of attack for example the Hypnobrai use hypnosis, whilst the Anacondrai become invisible. 

Will the Ninjago heroes be able to master their skills to defeat them?

Being LEGO there are some superb Ninjago sets to choose from including the amazing Fire Temple, the flying ship Destiny’s Bounty or the Venomari  Shrine. Each can be built to spec or can of course be changed to create new adventures for your hero. Which Ninja would you choose to be?



Kai is the master of attack. The sword is his weapon of choice and with his strong sense of justice he is ready to take on anything.

But all that fire inside Kai might just get him into trouble.

Nya Nya

Nya is also known as the Sister of Fire and is Kai’s sister. Her weapon of choice is the impressive Double Dagger and her core skill is intuition.

Nya is determined to do as well as any of her brother Ninjas and is certainly not a girl to mess with.

Jay Jay

Jay is the Ninja of Lightning. He is fast and funny and always quick to come up with a solution to solve a problem for the team.

Jay has a crush on Nya – Aah! Even a Ninja has his weaknesses!

Cole Cole

Cole is the leader of the team of Ninjas. He is strong and reliable and having overcome his fear of dragons is ready to lead the team against the Serpentine.

Cole’s weapon of choice is the staff and his key strength is defence.

Zane Zane

Zane is the Ninja of Ice and his weapon of choice is the Shuriken (icy throwing stars). Once mastered, this weapon will always come back to your hand.

Zane is strong and loyal, quiet and intuitive – often seeming to know what to do without really knowing why. 

Sensei Wu Sensei Wu

Sensei Wu is the Spinjitzu Master, wisdom is his weapon along with the staff. In becoming a Spinjitzu Master he has used patience and that is his key skill as he trains and guides the young Ninja to reach their full potential. Sensei Wu can handle anything, including his reckless young Ninja, as long as he has his cup of tea – with sugar please!

In order that  Kai, Cole, Nya, Zane and Jay can learn the art of Spinjitzu,  LEGO have created a range of spinners, weapons and game cards to help them. There is a Ninjago training set which allows the young hopefuls to pit themselves against the snake tail. 

Once training is over there is the Ninjago Spinner Battle Arena where Kai, Cole, Nya, Zane and Jay must take their places on their spinner. You can arm them from a choice of nine weapons, and, using cards to direct play, see who will emerge victorious, ready to defeat the Serpentine and perhaps even worthy of the title Master of Spinjitzu. But beware of the snake and dragon attacks which could take you by surprise.