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LEGO TechnicLEGO Technic

Technic is a great range of more advanced LEGO model vehicles featuring incredible detail, specialised parts and in some cases electric motors, geared steering and even piston engines. 

LEGO Technic

There are some great Lego Technic sets to choose from including the Lego Technic Rescue Helicopter with its rotating blades and winch lift and the Lego Technic Quad Bike. Being Lego, all these marvellous machines can be rebuilt into something else. Here are some of our favourite Lego Technic sets:

The Lego Technic Mini-mobile crane can be steered into position, the outriggers put down – to stop it falling over and the boom raised and lowered to move loads around your construction site. Perhaps it will be loading stuff into the Lego Technic Mini Container Truck to be taken somewhere else on site?  For really big lifting jobs there is the Lego Technic Crawler Crane which can get to those really awkward locations! Once in place rotate the superstructure and raise the boom. For extra reach, you can extend the arm and lower the hook into position. 

When there is digging to be done there is the Lego Technic Motorised Excavator. Use the infrared remote control to drive the excavator, spin the cabin 360°, raise and lower the articulated arm and operate the shovel. For smaller digging jobs there is the Lego Technic Backhoe Loader. Just like the real thing there’s the gear-actuated front bucket and back hoe, which can move left and right. Extend the outriggers to avoid any nasty accidents during operation and when it’s done as a Loader it can be rebuilt into a log handler – making it even more adaptable than the real thing! 

For those who love speed there is the Lego Technic Supercar. It is has scissor doors, gear wheel steering, suspension and moving pistons. You can, of course, lift the bonnet to reveal the powerful V8 engine. And when you tire of Supercars it rebuilds into a Hot Rod. No-one wants bad days on the track, but they can happen and when they do the Lego Technic Pick-up Tow Truck with its folding tow-lift and piston engine would be the ideal way to recover your car in style. For travel between races then perhaps the Lego Technic Flatbed Truck would be just the thing. The motorized flatbed will load a vehicle onto the truck with the winch, or it can be used to tow a vehicle. 

For more rugged adventures there is the Lego Technic Off-Roader for whom no terrain is too tough. It has gear-wheel steering and working front and rear suspension, so it can ascend and descend the steepest hill with ease.