Baby Born Interactive Princess Doll

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Baby Born Interactive Princess Doll

Baby Born

Give your Baby Born Interactive Princess Doll the extra-special care she deserves for being randomly born into a life of privilege!

She comes with her own beautiful fairy tale outfit, elegant little slippers and a headband with tiara. Your Baby Born Princess doll also has eight life-like functions. Give Baby Born a drink from her bottle, put her on the potty, and even comfort her when she cries.

  • With eight life-like, some advanced features for even greater enthusiasm;
  • The varied (role) playing with Baby born promotes imagination and proven to support the development of social skills and values such as responsibility, communication and empathy;
  • Requires no batteries.

She behaves just like a real baby so make sure she gets the attention she deserves. Use the 10 accessories to keep your little Princess as happy as can be.

Nothing’s too good for the king’s daughter! An ideal gift for kids aged three years and up. 

Baby Born


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