Disney Frozen Swirling Snow Sled

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Disney Frozen

Disney Frozen Swirling Snow Sled


In the Disney film Frozen, an entire mountain of ice, snow and non-stop adventure stands before Anna of the Kingdom of Arendelle.This majestic Frozen Swirling Snow Sled is perfect for completing a treacherous, snowy journey!

And with room for two, Anna can ride along with her travel companion, the brave and adventurous mountain man, Kristoff (sold separately).

Anna can speed through the snow and ice, leaving a cloud of snowflakes in her path. As you push the sleigh along, a flurry of ?snow? swirls within the clear compartment at the back - a snowy surprise that will both delight and excite young imaginations!

Includes a small Anna doll, dressed for the cold with a removable skirt and cape.   

Disney Frozen

Walt and Roy Disney founded the ‘Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio’ on 16th October 1923 and it didn’t take them long to establish themselves as leaders in the American animation industry. 

In more recent years the partnership with Pixar has produced some of modern film's most loved and memorable characters, for children and adults alike.

They have a whole host of unforgettable characters under their belt that kids fall in love with generation after generation. The best known of the lot is probably Mickey Mouse, who is the official mascot for the company. However, the various Disney Princesses give him a run for his money, having become role models for many young girls over the years.


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