Hexbug Vex Robotics Scarab Construction Kit

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Hexbug Vex Robotics Scarab Construction Kit


An exciting exploration into the world of electronics, robotics and construction, the Hexbug Vex Robotics Scarab Construction Kit teaches children the fascinating foundations of electronics, remote control and wireless communication. With over 250 components, it's challenging and hugely rewarding to piece together.

As well as the expertly-designed interlocking plastic parts, the Scarab kit has five electronic elements which help power the robot's precise actions. Gears help transfer power to the Scarab's articulated limbs, the motors carry movement throughout the 'skeleton' and the brain captures and interprets your commands to control the Scarab.

  • Vex Robotics Scarab by Hexbug
  • There are 64 different programming variations
  • To program the robotic spider, kids simply flip a series of switches on the robot's brain
  • There are three drive modes
  • Allows quick experimentation with different modes

The awesome colours and spectacular design of the robot's skeleton are perfect to show off your impressive and intricate construction work, while the translucent materials show off the ingenious components inside.
Once the construction is finished, the fun only continues! Use the wireless remote control to determine the Scarab's speed, direction and movements: the head rotates and the legs move the Scarab around.
And the Scarab has more hi-tech tricks up its sleeve. The inbuilt infrared distance sensor judges the Vex Scarab's environment, helping it to avoid walls and objects.



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