John Adams Gross Science

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John Adams Gross Science

John Adams

Stumpy the Odious Ogre welcomes you to the extremely Gross Science kit, taking you on a voyage of discovery and showing you just how disgusting the human body can be!

You'll get to perform 12 horrid, yucky activities that will teach you about how farts brew and see a burp in action, what a poo is made from and how one is formed.

You get to make loads of snot and watch it flow uphill, learn why scabs and boils form, how you can make a life-size bouncy eyeball and wobbly brain, edible skin and more. All while having loads of gooey, sticky, gross-out fun!

Gross Science set contains:

  • Safety Goggles, Fart Putty Powder, Boil Sheet, Syringe, Cotton Bud, Fake Maggots, Stomach Model, Wooden Stick, Plastic Cups x2, Poo Mould, Scoop, Snot Powder, Fart/Burp Canister and Lid, Sponge, Vomit Glue, Wax Paper, Eyeball Mould x 2, Eyeball Powder x 2 Colours, Iris Ball, Brain / Finger Moulds x 2, Red, Yellow and Blue Food Colouring, Instruction Leaflet.

NB This kit requires some additional items not included in the box that can be found around the home: such as, a soluble indigestion tablet, petroleum jelly, cocoa powder, a pair of ladies’ tights, vinegar, bicarbonate of soda etc.

John Adams

John Adams was established in 1967 and has been supplying quality crafts, games and toys to retail for over 45 years.

Their many brands include Fuzzy Felt, Tiny Tears, Girl’s World, Rubik’s, Ideal Games, Bema and Intex.

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