John Adams Slime Science

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John Adams Slime Science

John Adams

Welcome to Slime Science. Whilst having loads of fun, you can learn all about the fascinating world of Slime seeing how various ones react and behave when you prod, poke and play with them!

Get a slimy slant on sporty events with the Slime Science kit from john Adams! Use the four different slimy components in this science kit to compete in 10 different sporty games, each with their own unique scoring system.

What's more, you and your friends can use the four different Slimy components in this kit to compete in ten different sporty games, with each competitor scoring points for how well they do. Each slime will react differently depending on the event. 

So let’s see who is the Slime Science champ and can win the GOLD medal!

John Adams

John Adams was established in 1967 and has been supplying quality crafts, games and toys to retail for over 45 years.

Their many brands include Fuzzy Felt, Tiny Tears, Girl’s World, Rubik’s, Ideal Games, Bema and Intex.

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