LEGO Hero Factory Queen Beast vs. Furno, Evo & Stormer 44029Retired

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LEGO Hero Factory Queen Beast vs. Furno, Evo & Stormer 44029


The evil overlord has captured Stormer and is trying to transform him into the ultimate beast inside the cocoon on her back. 

Can Furno, Evo and Stormer take out the Queen Beast in this epic Lego Factory Building Set?

Now this menacing fiend with many eyes is threatening to snatch Furno with her poison claws and huge grab staff to cocoon him! 

Repel the jumper with the walker’s firing shooter and flick missiles. Defeat the monstrous Queen and use the rescue pod to transport your fellow heroes to safety.

Another victory for our heroes! An ideal gift for Lego fans aged eight years and up. What’s in the box?

Furno, Evo and Stormer mini robots Click shooter Double shooter Flick missiles Assorted weapons Buildable Queen Beast (26cm tall) Builadable Walker (10cm tall)… …and more!

This is a retired product.

There's not much to say about LEGO that hasn't already been written a thousand times! It is the definitive building and construction brand, built (ha ha!) on enduring product quality and consistent high profile partnerships.

The company was founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Christiansen, and remains a family-owned company based in Billund, Denmark, and best known for the manufacture of Lego brand toys.


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