LEGO Movie Batman & Super Angry Kitty Attack 70817

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6 - 12
The LEGO Movie

LEGO Movie Batman & Super Angry Kitty Attack 70817


Match Super Angry Kitty and Batman against the Micro Manager to recreate the thrilling final battle scene from THE LEGO MOVIE.

Help Super Angry Kitty attack the Micro Manager and teach him to be more friendly. Soar through the air with Caped Crusader Batman and attack with his Batarang and grapnel gun.

  • Micro Manager features 2 flick missiles, 2 claws to grab minifigures, 2 adjustable hover function exhausts and an explode function
  • Weapons include Batman’s Batarang and grapnel gun
  • Skeletron figure comes with a laser-style shooter
  • Super Angry Kitty figure is new for spring 2015
  • Attack the Micro Manager with Super Angry Kitty and teach him to be more friendly!

Evade the Micro Manager’s grabbing claws and flick missiles and watch out for the Skeletron aiming his laser-style shooter from the ground. Jump onto the back of Micro Manager and activate theexplode function to finally bring down this marauding menace!

Comes with a Batman minifigure with weapons, plus 2 figures: Super Angry Kitty and a Skeletron with a weapon. For ages 6-12, contains 115 pieces.

The LEGO Movie

There's not much to say about LEGO that hasn't already been written a thousand times! It is the definitive building and construction brand, built (ha ha!) on enduring product quality and consistent high profile partnerships.

The company was founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Christiansen, and remains a family-owned company based in Billund, Denmark, and best known for the manufacture of Lego brand toys.


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